Going overboard for art

10 Sculpture Modern Art Jason Decaires Taylor Sculpture 1

Art-loving voyagers bound for Cancun now have 500 reasons to get wet when they arrive.

The Cancun Underwater Museum hit that numeric milestone last month with the addition of 11 new sculptures by Jason de Caires Taylor, an artist who has spent three years submerging works to encourage the formation of coral reefs. The latest sculptures use “a revolutionary form of stainless-steel framework and will rely on live planted corals to form the narrative and structure of the works,” Taylor says.

Other submerged sculptures at the museum include a life-size human couch potato and a VW Beetle that doubles as a home for lobsters. Each piece is made with materials safe for marine life, complementing the museum’s mission to draw visitors away from Cancun’s delicate natural reefs.

For voyagers who would rather keep their feet dry, the museum recently opened a visitors’ center in Cancun’s Kukulkan Plaza. The center showcases replicas of 26 of the museum’s most popular underwater works.

By Ocean Navigator