GMT builds largest PowerFurl boom


If you think your boat’s boom is big and hard to handle, try controlling this spar. GMT Composites in Rhode Island has completed its largest PowerFurl boom yet for the Brazilian yacht builder Pilgrim Supercats. GMT has fabricated structural carbon fiber crossbeams for the yard’s 70-foot catamaran.

The new boom is 35 feet long and specially designed for high loads. It is a resin-infused, foam core, carbon fiber structure with 29 layers of laminate in the high load areas.

The custom PowerFurl unit has the same features that GMT has incorporated into its proprietary design. The boom is fairly light compared to other in-boom furling systems and uses a custom sail feeder close to the mast. The feeder ends in a short ramp, about four feet long, and a low profile of two and a half inches off the back of the mast. Unlike some furling systems, GMT’s PowerFurl does not have a motor shaft through the mast. Consequently there is no hole in the mast that could be a possible failure point. Another key feature is the ability to hoist, furl, or reef at any point of sail with the boom at any angle to the boat, a feature that is key to safety and convenience. The GMT system also facilitates the use of fully battened mainsails with a positive roach for performance. All functions are handled from the cockpit via a four-button control panel.

By Ocean Navigator