Global Distribution Solutions Expands into North America

Devon, United Kingdom – Global Distribution Solutions (GDS Ltd.), a team of experienced and dedicated marine industry sales, distribution and channel management professionals, announced today it is expanding its offerings to companies based in the United States. GDS Ltd. offers strategic business planning, marketing services, channel management and United Kingdom distribution to clients in all segments of the marine industry.

GDS Ltd.’s success lies in its staff’s proven experience developing and executing a comprehensive strategic plan that guides clients in defining a concise mission, company vision and values, in addition to determining long-term goals and the action plans used to reach them. 

The team is led by Jim Deheer and Adrian Gray. Deheer made a name for himself as director of marketing and global brand director for several top brands in the marine electronics segment. His career has been spent creating multi-channel sales and marketing strategies as well as recruiting and managing global teams driving them toward success. Gray was a senior-level sales manager with a career equally as impressive as Deheer’s. He had several global posts at the sales director and sales manager level. In addition to the leadership team, GDS Ltd. works with a group of talented designers, videographers, digital marketeers and influencers to offer their clients a full service offering to deliver success.

“Our team has over 50 years of experience working with some of the marine industry's most recognizable names,” said Jim Deheer, director, Global Distribution Solutions. “Our goal is to use our established relationships and proven tactics to benefit U.S. based firms with little to no international exposure and help them develop and execute a strategy for how they can enter the global market. The companies we currently work with treat us as part of their team, rather than an outside firm, and we strongly believe this is key to be the best partner for your business.”

GDS Ltd. begins by reviewing their clients aims and objectives and then conducts in-depth research and analysis, enabling the development of a comprehensive channel and marketing strategy focused on driving the brand and increasing market penetration. Once established, an ongoing relationship between the client and GDS Ltd. ensures a regular and transparent review of the effectiveness of tactics and how the execution of the strategic plan is meeting specific goals.

“GDS Ltd. is a professional and talented channel management agency working with Katadyn Group,” said Shawn Hostetter, president, Katadyn North America. “They manage our European marine business and work with each of our distributors to grow our business and ensure customer satisfaction. They are clear communicators and represent our company very well. We are proud to have GDS Ltd. as a part of the Katadyn Group sales organization.”

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By Ocean Navigator