GLEAW Technology Releases their Integrated Navigation Suite

Gleaw App Family Large

GLEAW Technology has released their global integrated navigation solution supporting on and off the web navigation, and across multiple commodity devices.  Their technology is not dependent on conventional location names or addresses.  The technology provides locations with smart, compressed, names that look like a classic license plate.  This license plate, called a GLEAW Code, is used in multiple ways to deliver complex navigation solutions in a very user friendly way.

A key and unique feature in all their apps is the THIS WAY function.  Once a destination is set, a large green arrow points in the direction to travel irrespective of the devices physical direction, web connection not required.  Combined with the integration into Google Maps, and others, multiple methods to navigate are available at your fingertips.  Their web service that integrates with their apps provides even greater capabilities.  Beyond simple navigation guidance, it is capable of providing emergency dispatch navigation services to any location on or off shore.  Across all platforms is their SHARE capability that facilitates location communication for personal, private, or even emergency dispatch.

To find them search ‘GLEAW’ in the stores and on the web.


By Ocean Navigator