GFCI receptacles prevent electrical shock

To protect people from dangerous line-to-ground electrical shock, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) receptacles are required in marinas and aboard boats.  Meeting the requirements of the National Electric Code and American Boat and Yacht Council standard, advanced GFCI receptacles from Hubbell Marine also comply with the recent Underwriter Laboratories (UL) 943 mandate.

If a ground fault occurs in a defective appliance, tool or power cord, with leakage exceeding 4 to 6 milliamps, the GFCI quickly opens the circuit.  This interrupts the power supply, limiting the duration of the electrical current flow.

After tripping, the receptacle is reset by pushing the red button.  A test button enables owners to ensure that the GFCI is in working order.

According to UL 943, GFCI receptacles must meet one of two requirements when a device reaches its “end of life” (EOL).  Instead of permanently shutting off power to the outlet, Hubbell Marine offers the only units that indicate when they need to be replaced via a blinking red LED.

With a warning indicator, boat and marina owners do not have to immediately find alternative sources of power, creating unsafe conditions with workarounds such as cords under carpets, overloaded power strips and hazardous extension cords.  A GFCI receptacle that has lost its functionality is as safe as a standard receptacle because the grounding feature is still capable of protecting the user.  Hubbell Ground Fault Receptacles, along with an extensive offering of UL Listed Portable Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters, provide maximum protection should a ground fault occur and are the best way to remain current with National Electric Code changes.

Hubbell’s GFCI receptacles can be mounted on any standard 2-1/2″ deep box.  A feed-through feature provides protection not only at that receptacle but at any other located downstream on the same circuit. Accepting fork terminals, the GFCI units are rated for 15 and 20 amps.  They are available in brown, ivory, gray, almond, light almond, black, red and white to match any décor.  Faceless versions are also available.

Hubbell Marine’s innovative and reliable GFCI receptacles have suggested retail prices starting at $20. For over 120 years, Hubbell has specialized in dependable electrical equipment.  They offer marine-grade power cords, adapters, plugs, connectors, switches, wall plates and internationally rated devices. Contact Hubbell Marine Electrical Products, 185 Plains Rd., Milford, CT  06460; 203-882-4800; Fax: 800-255-1031.

By Ocean Navigator