GEARNET researchers and FloScan partner to reduce commercial fishing vessel operating costs

Scientists charged with finding ways for New England’s ailing commercial trawler fleet to operate more economically have determined that FloScan is the most effective tool in meeting this objective. Learn all the details at

FloScan is proud to announce the latest in a series of Case Studies detailing how their fuel computer systems are being used in a real world commercial environment. FloScan systems were chosen by a leading group of researchers in New England to identify ways to reduce the operating overhead of commercial trawlers. Projects included testing fuel additives, prop tuning, a variety of modifications to nets and doors and even an exotic and expensive hydrogen injection fuel assist unit.

FloScan FloNET systems and our innovative DataLog software were installed on a variety of test vessels to determine if these approaches worked and to quantify the potential return on investment. What the scientists and captains discovered was startling and you can read about it in this remarkable Case Study.

“Fuel consumption integrates into almost every aspect of commercial fishing from the manner in which a vessel is run to testing new technologies that have the potential to provide benefits for our fishermen,” said Erik Chapman, lead researcher at New Hampshire Sea Grant at U-NH. “FloScan has made it possible to tease out the data needed to identify those that work from those that don’t.”

It was between tests that the captains working with the researchers found the ultimate fuel saving technology—using FloScan as their guide to optimum vessel efficiency. It was after considerable testing with FloScan systems installed on numerous test vessels from small day trawlers to larger offshore vessels that a simple truth emerged.

“From our experience every commercial vessel should be equipped with a FloScan system,” said GEARNET lead research scientist Steve Eayrs of the Gulf of Maine Research Institute. “The economics are undeniable, the time it takes to recoup the cost of the unit in fuel savings is short and the savings are continuous!”

“FloScan is proud to be a partner in the vital work being done at GEARNET,” said Joe Dydasco, FloScan Director of Sales. “Our equipment and software is ideal for their needs and our highly skilled staff is up to the challenge of providing technical assistance for this groundbreaking work. It was no surprise to us that our systems would help captains significantly reduce overhead on every vessel they were installed on, but it is rewarding to have it validated by these leading research scientists.”

This fascinating and highly detailed Case Study is a must read for every commercial fishing vessel owner/operator searching for an affordable, cost effective way to take a significant bite out of fuel costs and run a more profitable business. To read the entire Case Study and learn more about FloScan Fuel Computers go to

By Ocean Navigator