FX+ High Performance Continuous Line Furlers

A New Range of Free-Flying Sail Furlers

ANNAPOLIS, MD Facnor has introduced its new FX+ range of high performance continuous line furlers for free-flying sails. Engineered from the ground up to maximize efficiency, these attractive new furlers incorporate numerous unique features highlighted by a lightweight carbon fiber drum housing, exclusive quick release attachment system for easy use, and a new ratchet type lock, which prevents the drum from unwinding while the sail is furled.

Designed to be highly adaptable, the entire FX+ range works well with almost any free flying Code Zero, staysail or storm jib sail.  They can all be quickly converted to a top-down style furler using Facnor’s optional Fast Swivel system. To minimize weight, all FX+ furlers use a carbon fiber drum-cage with integrated 360 degree stainless line exit guide for smooth operation at virtually any attachment angle.  This carbon fiber cage also facilitates quick and easy installation or removal of a pre-spliced furling line.

What truly sets the FX+ range apart is Facnor’s exclusive push spring release system and a captive quick release attachment pin for easy deployment and retrieval. This systems allows for simple and secure snap-on attachment, as well as one-handed removal activation. Just snap it on and hoist. Each model includes a protective rubber top swivel sleeve to prevent mast damage during deployment. 

The entire FX+ range includes sizes and models to fit boats from 21 to 70ft. From the compact FX+900 to the large boat FX+7000, each model offers race ready performance.  They can also be configured to fit your specifications using various attachment options including snap shackles, D shackles or customized lashing choices. For systems that require a 2:1 or 3:1 hoisting system, Facnor’s new SB Carbon Snatch Blocks can be added to the top swivel and opened to easily attach a halyard. Three sizes of SB Snatch Blocks are available including the SB1500, SB2500 and SB4500.

By Ocean Navigator