Fugawi brings topo maps to iPhone

Fugawi iMap brings topo maps to your iPhone. It is great for hikers, boaters, anglers, vacationers, educators, or anyone going off-road and into the back country. Click here for complete details.


  • USA and Canada Included
    App includes all of USA and all Canadian provinces!
  • Seamless Maps
    Seamlessly loads raster topographic maps via the iPhone internet connection and caches them in memory for use when outdoors and not in 3G, Edge or WiFi coverage.
  • Easiest Waypoint Editor Ever!
    Tap and hold on the screen to drop waypoints which may be custom edited by name, icon, exact co-ordinates, and text description. Easily move waypoints with a simple tap and drag.
  • FREE Online Waypoint Storage, Transfer and Backup
    Waypoints can be transferred directly to your free account at www.X-Traverse.com which is included with your purchase of Fugawi iMap.You can move your waypoints as GPX files to many other software products including Google Earth, or you can create waypoints in a third party software for upload to your iPhone. To set up your account, launch iMap and select Settings|X-Traverse Account|Create X-Traverse Account.
  • Transfer Waypoints between Fugawi for PC and Fugawi iMap for iPhone
    Fugawi Global Navigator or Fugawi Marine ENC (optional PC software) may be used to plot waypoints for transfer to your Fugawi iMap App for iPhone, or vice versa. Best of all, Fugawi Global Navigator and Fugawi Marine ENC now include a free subscription to topo maps of Canada or the USA, so you can plot waypoints on your PC using the same maps used on your iPhone.
  • Plus much more
By Ocean Navigator