From: “Making your own radar mast” (Page 29) – List of Materials

Jan/Feb 2004

Below is a list of materials and costs required for the radar mast.

Materials Cost Suppliers
Flanges $62 w/shipping R&B Wagner Inc.” target=”_blank”>
2-1/2-inch tubing $260.00 PAC Stainless 800-824-778
Blocks and tackle $380 w/shipping Garhauer and Florida Rigging and Hydraulics
Machine-shop work $60.00  
Miscellaneous aluminum $130.00 Various Sources
Bolts, nuts, cobalt drills, taps, eye straps and sealant $150.00  
Power painting $140.00 Color Tec
2-by-12-by-8-foot mahogany (prorated) $32.00  
�Goosenecks� and extra nuts $32 and $24 (nuts!) $56.00 w/ shipping  
Antenna risers and new VHF antenna $80.00  
Miscellaneous hardware, strap eyes, boom bails, etc. $150.00  
Mahogany $20.00  
Epoxy and fiberglass cloth $42.00  


Total cost $1,632  

By Ocean Navigator