Freshly minted celestial navigators


So this happened: A full house of celestial navigation students put pencil to plotting sheet and learn how to navigate by sun, moon, planets and stars on the weekend of April 11&12 in Marion, Mass. Ocean Navigator produced the seminar in association with the Marion Bermuda Race. I taught this latest group of sextant wranglers with the assistance of Ron Wisner, who won the Navigator's trophy in 2013 aboard his boat Hotspur II. 

The Marion Race is the only offshore race that has a celestial navigation-only division and celestial signups have more than doubled. Racers who use only celestial nav until they get to within 50 miles of Bermuda receive a 3% advantage. Celestial navigation is now officially a thing!  

Overall registrations for the race are up, as well, with more than 50 boats entered. The race starts on June 19, 65 days from today.  

By Ocean Navigator