Forty years of yacht design


This photo from the yard at Maine Yacht Center in Portland is a fascinating study in the evolution of yacht design (see larger image below). On the right is Hound, a 60-foot aluminum sloop designed by Aage Nielsen and built by Abeking & Rasmussen in 1970. On the left is the Class 40 Picoty, a POGO 40 S2 designed by Groupe Finot. Forty years of design evolution have produced two sailing vessels with somewhat noticable differences in form, performance and accomodations. Admittedly, Picoty is a pure race boat while Hound is a cruising vessel. Even given that, however, a side-by-side comparison like this is a vivid visual indicator of change. Which boat would you rather sail from, say, Newport to Bermuda or San Francisco to Honolulu? Add your comment below. 

Picoty is one of six Class 40 boats that competed in the Solidaire du Chocolate Race from Nantes/St. Nazaire, France to Mexico, then competed in the Atlantic Cup from Charleston to Newport and came to Maine Yacht Center for overhaul prior to departing for Quebec City to race in the Quebec/St. Malo Race back to France — a bracing circle of the Atlantic. Picoty's skipper/owner is Jacques Fournier, who retired from a 30-year professional life to pursue his dream of ocean racing. 

By Ocean Navigator