Former Pirate considering a life on high seas


During his nine-year Major League Baseball career, John Jaso hit 55 home runs and logged a respectable .258 batting average. Now, after a two-year stint with the Pittsburgh Pirates, the 34-year-old Chula Vista, Calif., native is considering a life on the high seas.

Jaso, who looked every bit the buccaneer with long, blonde dreadlocks, suggested this fall he’s ready for a change of scenery. “Really, I just want to live a simple life,” Jaso said, according to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. “I have a sailboat, so I just want to sail away.

“If you live on a sailboat, it’s really hard to live complicated,” he continued. “You have to keep things simple, so that’s kind of my catalyst and everything, and my ride and my home.”

Jaso, who is now a free agent, made his major league debut in 2008 with the Tampa Bay Rays, and finished fifth that year in Rookie of the Year voting. He went on to play with the Seattle Mariners and Oakland Athletics before landing with the Pirates for the 2016 season.

Attempts to reach Jaso through his agent were not successful.

Although Jaso appears to be looking at a life beyond baseball, he made clear he has no firm plans these days. “We’ll see,” he told the Pittsburgh paper. “I mean I can’t say anything for sure. I can’t really tell you what the future holds.”

Sounds like someone ready to go where the wind takes him.

By Ocean Navigator