Forespars New Family of Anti-Corrosion, Anti-Seize PTFE Lubricants Now Available

Marelube Family 250

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA – MareLube™ is Forespar’s new family of three specifically formulated synthetic lubricants designed for various uses around the boat. Each contain PTFE (also known as Teflon®) and work equally well in fresh or salt water. The family includes MareLube TEF 45 for heavy wet use locations, MareLube EXTRA for general purpose lubrication needs, and MareLube Valve & Equipment for marine valves and plumbing systems. 

MareLube TEF 45 is a highly water-resistant synthetic lubricant grease containing 45% PTFE. This it the highest percentage PTFE available, which makes TEF 45 perfect for heavy loads and bi-metal anti-corrosion applications like turnbuckles, spar fittings and motor lower units. TEF 45 also works well at protecting against rust corrosion and anti-seize applications. TEF 45 is available in either 4oz or 16oz jars, as well as conveniently pre-loaded 30cc and 6cc syringe packs for hard-to-reach applications where injection is needed.

MareLube EXTRA is a great general-purpose marine lubricant perfect for those common uses around the boat. From hatches to sliding doors, EXTRA provides a long-lasting and water resistant PTFE lubrication barrier that controls rust and bi-metal corrosion. Available in 4oz jars, EXTRA is the perfect onboard lubricant to keep things working smoothly.

MareLube Valve & Equipment lubricant is an advanced lubrication formula designed to keep valve seals and balls working smoothly in marine plumbing systems. It is a clear, non-staining and nontoxic lube that is perfect for traditional bronze fittings, as well as all composite plumbing fixtures like Forespar’s Marelon parts. MareLube Valve & Equipment is available in a convenient 16oz liquid formula that can be conveniently poured directly into drain systems, as well as a 4oz jar.

Forespar® is one of the oldest, most established boat hardware manufacturers in the United States.  Their diverse line of marine products includes carbon fiber poles, Leisure Furl™ boom furling systems, Marelon® plumbing fittings and numerous other marine related products.

Part # Retail Price

770050 MARELUBE 4oz. JAR EA. $10.50
770056 MARELUBE EXTRA  4oz JAR EA. $11.30
770055 MARELUBE LIQUID 16oz BOTTLE EA. $19.95
770065 MARELUBE 6cc SYRINGE-TEF 45 $12.95
770066 MARELUBE 30cc SYRINGE-TEF 45 $17.00
770067 MARELUBE TEF 45  4oz $34.95
770068 MARELUBE TEF 45  16oz EACH $146.85

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