For the iPad-equipped ocean voyager

For those voyagers who are early adopters and who have picked up one of Apple’s new iPad computers, now you have a place to put it when you’re in the cockpit and need to securely store it while you steer or grind winches or do all the many thigs voyagers need to do when aboard. The SCOTTEVEST has a iPad-friendly pocket inside. The vest also gives you a way to carry the iPad with you and a place to when you’re exploring off the boat. The accompanying picture shows a how the SCOTTEVEST can carry a variety of electronic gear.

Another possible advantage of the SCOTTEVEST: all that hardware might come in handy for protection should some pirate take a pot shot at you.

From the press release: SCOTTEVEST today announced immediate availability of the first jackets and vests with a hidden, secure pocket for Apple’s new iPad. SCOTTEVEST also announced updates to their website that enable buyers to easily determine which products in their clothing line are iPad-compatible.

The wait is nearly over for the undisclosed number of people who have pre-ordered – and practically sold out – the first batch of iPads. According to Apple, the first round of iPads is shipping for receipt on Saturday. But once new iPad owners take those sleek, 9.7 inch LED-backlit displays out of their original boxes, how will they carry them around safely?

SCOTTEVEST has the solution and it’s both stylish and smart: a line of jackets and vests with a pocket designed specifically to hold, secure, protect – and hide – the iPad. Approximately 10 years ago, SCOTTEVEST introduced a clothing concept that is the essence of form meeting function: jackets, vests, shirts and pants specifically designed to help people carry and use electronic devices such as cell phones and other common gadgets. The catch? SCOTTEVEST clothing does not have any ugly, bulky exterior pockets everything is sleek and stylish. That design philosophy continues today, and the clothing line now accommodates the iPad, almost invisibly.

“Technology is constantly evolving, and the features in our clothing need to keep pace.  What started as a large, deep pocket for carrying a magazine or notepad became a pocket for carrying a Kindle,” said Scott Jordan, founder and CEO of SCOTTEVEST.  “As soon as Apple announced the iPad, I knew we were already miles ahead of everyone else in terms of accommodating it. We’re constantly working to be compatible with the next generation of devices.”

By Ocean Navigator