FloScan computers improve fuel economy

FloScan instrument company manufactures fuel flow computers that can improve fuel economy significantly. The company says even small calculated reductions in RPM can save energy without sacrificing much speed.
From the press release:

Two seasons ago Captains Erling Skaar and his son Sten Skaar of the 110′ fishing vessel North American discovered a way to dramatically reduce the fuel costs that were eating away at their fishing profits. They installed a Fuel Flow Computer from FloScan Instrument Company and let it dictate the boat’s cruising speed while steaming to and from the fishing grounds.

The North American, featured on the Discovery Channel’s wildly popular show, Deadliest Catch, is based out of Seattle, Washington and steams north to Dutch Harbor, Alaska each season. From there they run to the crab grounds and back to offload their catch. Looking for ways to reduce operating costs on the multi-million dollar vessel they installed one of Floscan’s unique and highly accurate diesel fuel flow computers and quickly realized dramatic savings while reducing their environmental impact.

“I used to cruise at 1,025 RPM on the main engine burning 42 GPH,” Capt. Sten reported. “After installing the Floscan I started backing down and found that between 880 and 910 RPM fuel consumption dropped to 23 GPH. The savings are phenomenal! Instead of wasting all that energy out the smoke stack I’m utilizing every drop and I only lost a half a knot not of speed. It’s one of my favorite things on the boat!” (For a video showing you how they did it go to www.floscan.com or www.fvnorthamerican.com.)

“The Floscan helped us find the sweet spot for the North American,” owner Earling Skaar reported. “It is saving us between 120 and 150 gallons of fuel per day when we’re running at cruising speed.”

You don’t have to run thousands of miles to realize dramatic savings with a FloScan and with the factory direct special financing program you can install a system in your vessel and let it pay for itself with 0% financing! Their highly accurate fuel flow computers are easy to install and available for all gasoline engine applications and diesels up to 6,000 hp. FloScan customers frequently report reductions in fuel consumption of 20% or more and in the some cases, like the F/V North American, almost 50%. The system does the math and you pocket the savings.

Commercial and recreational vessels of all kinds are saving money with FloScan Fuel Flow Computers. You can read case studies conducted on tugs, ferries, fishing vessels, cruisers and sport fishing boats on their website. The Coast Guard even uses FloScan on their Defender Class patrol boats. They are so accurate they are installed on construction equipment and diesel generators to determine fuel use to meet environmental regulations.

“FloScan allowed us to dial in the main engine for optimum fuel savings,” Capt. Erling said, “and achieve tremendous savings!” FloScan can work for you, too!

A FloScan technician is standing by to help you get the ideal system for your boat and to help you get it now with a 25-percent down payment and up to a year to pay it off. Initial payments can be as low as $75 for a gas system and $155 for a single diesel so what are you waiting for? Stop wasting your hard earned profits by optimizing your fuel economy with FloScan. For more information go to www.floscan.com or call 206-524-6625 to speak with a technician and order your system today.

By Ocean Navigator