Fix available for radio “clipping” problem


According to Latitude 38 magazine on the West Coast, some sailors have been experiencing problems with Icom 802 marine SSB radios. The problem has been described as “clipping” where sections of voice transmissions get cut off. Icom has acknowledged that some 802 owners are experiencing the fault and has announced a modification that will reportedly fix it, provided the boat in question has a proper antenna setup.

The clipping effect can reportedly result when a radio transmitter, antenna coupler and antenna combination produces high standing wave ratios (SWR). High SWRs will produce an excess of current flowing “back” through the system that can damage the radio. Like many radios, the Icom 802 is designed o temporarily stop transmitting in these situations to protect the radio from being overpowered. For information on how to get the modification installed on your 802 radio, go to this Icom technical notice on the web or contact Icom at 425-454-7619.

By Ocean Navigator