First ultrasonic sensor for masthead?

To the editor: The article by Tim Queeney in your current edition claims that the Airmar ultrasonic wind sensor (Pirate EPIRB and solid sensor Issue 146, May/June 2005) is the first specifically designed for the masthead environment.

In fact, the French CV3F sensor product has proved itself in the oceangoing environment for several years. I own one and have found it to be a very reliable system. I have it connected to my autopilot via its NMEA 0183 output, and it is much less susceptible to heel angle than the conventional spinning cup design.

This product is handled in the United States by AR Engineering ( and priced at around $850, although this may change with the dollar/euro exchange rate.

– Geoffrey Wilson is a retired designer of integrated navigation systems, holds eight patents in position location technology and sails a 41-foot Garden-designed ketch, Yankee Clipper, out of Oxnard, Calif.

By Ocean Navigator