Estrela returns after six and a half years of voyaging

In November 2003, Douglas and Kyle Hopkins and their daughters Eliza, 9, and Abigail, 12, left Long Island Sound for what was to have been a two-year voyage around the world aboard their 32-foot sailboat, Estrela.

After selling their home and cars, the family set sail for Florida and the Caribbean followed by a Panama Canal transit to the Pacific. Their travels took them to Indonesia, Australia, Africa and South America. While repairs and maintenance may have slowed them down along the way, it was the Hopkins intent to extend their voyage and explore the world that prolonged the trip.

Along the way, the girls were ‘boat schooled’ by their parents and kept family and friends informed and sharing their experiences via SailMail and blog entries.

This past June, the family returned safely to Connecticut aboard their no-worse-for-wear West Sail 32, having circled the globe on a what became a six-and-a-half-year family adventure.

Now ashore, the Hopkins’ will be putting down roots in Buffalo, N.Y., where Doug, a former environmental defense lawyer, will be teaching environmental science and his wife Kyle, theater.

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By Ocean Navigator