Ericsson 4 wins leg six of Volvo Ocean Race

Followed closely by Ericsson 3 and Telefonica Blue, Ericsson 4 ghosted into Boston harbor on Sunday to win the sixth leg of the Volvo Ocean Race.  

From The Boston Globe:

Ghosting along at less than 10 knots with bowman Ryan Godfrey perched in the rigging 100 feet up to spot wind lines on the water, Ericsson 4 did find a bit more wind as it approached the harbor and heeled slightly, accelerating to about 12 knots.

As Ericsson 4 turned down the channel into President Roads, then swung south to Fan Pier, huge crowds lined the jetty and walkways around Volvo Village, built on Fan Pier for race events taking place the next two weeks.

Grael, five-time Olympic medalist and an America’s Cup veteran tactician, said that the leg was in question all the way from Rio.

“I think our guys did a great job pushing the boat,” said Grael. “When we came out of the trade winds we had our first opportunity, our first key moment.

“We had to go through a cold front, and as we came out of it [navigator Jules Salter] did a fantastic job in our position. We got the lead there, but it wasn’t easy to hold. It was a big fight all the way.

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By Ocean Navigator