Ericsson 3 leads VOR fleet around Cape Horn

Ericsson 3 continues to lead the Volvo Ocean Race pack in a closely-fought race.  The three leading boats, Ericsson 3, Ericsson 4, and PUMA, have rounded Cape Horn and have less than 2000 miles left in the leg.

From ISAF’s

Speaking in a radio interview today, Ericsson 3 skipper Magnus OLSSON (SWE) said that rounding Cape Horn is a peak in both his career and his life.

“It is my sixth time,” he said. “I am most happy for all the rookies on the boat who have never done it before, because I could see how happy they were. It is a fantastic achievement to go round first, I can hardly believe it.”

OLSSON also said that whoever dares to challenge Ericsson 3 would have to work for it, promising that his team was going to work harder than ever before to finish the race in pole position.

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