EP Carry to Participate in Inaugural SALISH 100

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North Bend, Wash. — PropEle Electric Boat Motors, the innovation leader in portable electric propulsion, announced today founder Joe Grez will participate in the first-ever SALISH 100 regatta to promote environmentally friendly propulsion. Joining more than 100 watercraft, Grez will pilot a boat powered by PropEle’s EP Carry electric motor. To extend the range of his vessel, the 13-foot tender/runabout Swe’pea, and meet the distances covered, Grez will be powered directly by sunlight during the daytime hours and will have solar panels recharging battery packs while underway.

“Electric power and solar charging are gaining in popularity with some of the larger yachts,” said Grez. “Our EP Carry is designed for small boats. I am taking on this trek using our motor to demonstrate that it is an effective and, in many ways, preferable alternative to combustion engines.”

The event, held June 22-28, 2019, will be a small-boat cruise running the length of Puget Sound – 100 nautical miles from Olympia to Port Townsend, Washington. Participating vessels range from stand-up paddleboards to kayaks, rowing boats to pocket-cruising sailboats and about 15 larger support boats. Organized by the Port Townsend Pocket Yachters group, the SALISH 100 will be run in day-long legs with planned overnight stops along the route, including Henderson Inlet, Penrose Point Marine State Park, Gig Harbor, Blake Island Marine State Park, the Port of Kingston and Mats Mats Bay before reaching the final destination in Port Townsend. Boaters from all over the country will participate in the event, which is touted as the largest, organized small-boat cruise in North America.

The EP Carry electric motor is the lightest and easiest to use outboard. It is designed specifically for dinghies, tenders, small rowing and other craft under 13 feet and 600 pounds. The EP Carry product line delivers ship-to-shore simplicity and quiet electric power with unique, patented features for easy control, comfort and safety. Engineered for maximum efficiency, the EP Carry features a patented water-lubricated gear system that requires zero maintenance. Owners of the EP Carry can enjoy safe operation due to its innovative high-aspect ratio and slow-turning prop design; as well as a low-force grounding kick-up, a well-protected skeg and an electronic shear pin. The motor is available in three shaft lengths – Mini, Standard/Short and Long, and is the easiest electric motor to charge at home and from the mothership.

To learn more about EP Carry or PropEle Electric Boat Motors, please visit www.epcarry.com. To learn more about the SALISH 100, please visit ssssclub.com/event/salish-100-small-boat-cruise/.

By Ocean Navigator