Edson Steers "The Beast"

New Bedford, MA, USA – Edson International has completed the quadrant to control Royal Huisman’s latest project: #398, otherwise known as “The Beast”. The completion of the quadrant is the first step in finishing the steering system, scheduled to be delivered and installed in the upcoming months. Edson’s innovative and reliable mechanical steering will deliver the ultimate control at the helm, allowing the owner to feel the heartbeat of their yacht.

Royal Huisman selected Edson for project #398, and tasked them to deliver a custom steering system for the owner to control his “fast and furious” Beast. To accomplish this, Edson created a quadrant with a record wire size groove of 12.7 millimeters (½ inch) and a bore measuring 710 millimeters (28 inches), three times larger than Edson has ever manufactured in their history. Crafted from light-weight marine grade aluminum, the 1000 millimeter (39.4 inch) quadrant radius provides a portion of the mechanical advantage that allows for a light touch at the helm. Furthermore, all parts are precision machined to tight tolerance; guaranteeing a silky smooth feel that will deliver even the subtlest rudder feedback to the helmsman. With the final details being wrapped up on the remainder of the components for project #398 shipment is imminent. Edson will be setting their sights on starting a multi-speed custom steering system for a high speed catamaran.

For 156 years, Edson has proudly outfitted tens of thousands of sailboats, form 5.5 meters to 67 meters, with their dependable steering systems. The Beast adds to this towering list of accomplishments, highlighting Edson’s cutting edge development of mechanical steering systems. Custom systems can be designed and built to virtually any set of specifications. Edson’s classic chain & wire and CD-i geared systems are available as standard production options. Call Edson today to see how they can bring the feel to your steering system.

Edson International, founded in 1859, manufactures an extensive line of marine steering systems and accessories, boat davits, radar towers, and marine pumps for sailboat, powerboat, and marina applications.

By Ocean Navigator