Edson is on Facebook

Seems like everybody has a Facebook page these days. The social networking site has caught on not just with the younger set but with 50-somethings as well. Now, it seems Facebook is appealing to an even older contingent: the 150-somethings. Edson International, the marine equipment company in New Bedford, Mass., has been around for 150 years. And it just got its own Facebook page.

From the press release: Edson is typically known as an “old school” company. Why? Well, to start with, we have 150 years worth of history in the marine industry. But, we’re slowly adapting to the times. We all now keep in touch in a variety of ways and at Edson, even a few of us in the “over 50” age bracket have found a way of keeping connected with friends, family, and acquaintances on social networks.

With so many people using this medium, Edson has launched a new Facebook “Group” and we welcome all of you to join us in cyberspace. Simply follow this link to Facebook, and you will be able to view the group pages including photos of products, events, new boat launches, as well as the opportunity to post discussion topics and your own photos regarding our product if you join as a fan.

We hope you like the new group and even if you don’t use it to find out information on Edson and its products, you may actually find other folks with similar boats as yourself or interesting info on new cruising and fishing grounds. Let us know what you think and if we don’t see you on the water, we’ll see you on Facebook!

About Edson International:

Edson International, celebrating its 150th year, manufactures an extensive line of marine steering systems and accessories, boat davits, radar towers and marine pumps for sail and powerboats.

Edson International
146 Duchaine Blvd.
New Bedford, MA 02745
Tel (508) 995-9711
Fax (508) 995-5021

By Ocean Navigator