Edson Emergency Pump Kits now includes Forespar TruPlug and Bright Orange Storage Bag for added safety

One of the most important pieces of safety equipment an offshore boater can have on board is a dependable, high volume manual bilge pump in the event of a power loss with sea water coming on board. As an added safety enhancement, Edson’s renowned Gallon-A-Stroke Emergency Manual Pump Kits now come with Forespar’s award-winning TruPlug® to help stop the flow of water while you pump and a bright orange storage bag for quick identification in an emergency.

“It’s one thing to remove the water from a leaking boat with an Edson Pump, but you also need a means of stopping the leak!” says Edson President Will Keene. “The innovative Forespar TruPlug offers a solution that is worthy of inclusion in our Emergency Pump Kits”.

Edson’s board-mounted Gallon-a-Stroke (30 gallons-per-minute) Emergency Bilge Pump is an offshore must-have – with its large, flow-through openings that will even pump rags through its chambers! Edson’s emergency pump kit has saved countless lives by keeping up with major leaks while repairs are made or a rescue is on its way.

By Ocean Navigator