Economical receive-only AIS/GPS allows later upgrade to AIS-B

BRIDGTON, Maine, USA – Whiffletree Corporation has introduced and is now delivering an economical new AIS for yachts and small commercial vessels whose skippers want to “know what’s out there” without having to face the initial cost of the full AIS-B system required aboard large commercial vessels.  SeaVieweRTM is a receive-only AIS which contains a built-in GPS (one so accurate that most users can rely on that as their primary GPS) and dual receivers, which bring in the AIS broadcasts’ two sequences without any delay.  SeaVieweRTM is the only AIS which allows simple retro-fitting of the dual radio transmitters (the “be seen” part of AIS-B) later, when owners’ budgets allow or when regulations require full AIS-B compliance; owners of other receive-only AIS units would face the much higher cost of complete replacement.

SeaVieweRTM can interface/connect to almost any chartplotter, has commercial-grade durability, meets all international regulations, and is supplied with a superior GPS/VHF combination antenna. SeaVieweRTM  is a stablemate for SeaTraceRTM  which comes with the dual transmitters factory-installed and is an AIS-B right out of the box. Pricing for both units is very competitive with comparable competitors, and these systems are sold by NMEA-Certified marine electronics retailers.

For further information, contact Whiffletree Corporation, P.O. Box 27, Bridgton, Maine 04009-0027; Telephone 207-647-3300; Email:;
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By Ocean Navigator