Dutch CAPI2 Navetica in impressive South African 66ft Catamaran

76vn Gunboat66ft 5
Nuenen, (April 2012) – Capi2 Nederland BV reports that a 66ft Gunboat Catamaran will be fully equipped with a Capi2 Navetica system mainly to control all electrical appliances, LED lights and pumps. The boat will be fully controlled by a 10.4” Panel PC and iPad. The yacht is currently being built in South Africa.
The catamaran is a Gunboat 66 [Morrelli & Melvin design] but because the Gunboat yard in Cape Town has closed down, it is being finished off by Jaz Marine Pty Ltd. Powersol is the supplier of the Capi2 Navetica system and Multi Marine Electrical is responsible for the installation of the complete system. Hemp Marine coordinated the design of the interior, the systems layout and the rigging and sail package.
Gunboats are engineered to round-the-world racing standards. Racing yachts are pushed far beyond the limits of any cruising boat, yet are a fraction of the weight. All unnecessary weight is engineered out of the structures, but superior safety margins to any cruising boat in production are retained.
The Gunboat will be launched later this summer.
By Ocean Navigator