Drone's eye view of voyaging


Voyagers Chris Bray and Jess Taunton, who have been sailing in the Arctic aboard their North Atlantic 29 Teleport, used a quadcopter and GoPro video camera to get a drone's eye view of their boat near Seldova, Alaska. The quadcopter drone could be a useful voyaging tool for scouting out anchorages or finding a way through a pass. 

"On the way I finally summoned the courage to launch my DJI Phantom quadrocopter drone with the GoPro attached, and live video feed back to goggles (using a Fat Shark – Predator V2) while sailing to get some spectacular aerial views and fly-bys of Teleport. The drone neither floats nor is waterproof so the 5-min operation was quite intense, culminating in my maneuvering it right in close enough for Jess to reach out and sagely grab it. We are stoked with the results!"

By Ocean Navigator