Don’t worry, we always do it this way

Far-ranging ocean voyagers must become accustomed to many things, like seasickness, storms, lack of spare parts, etc. Another thing is the different way boatyards operate around the world. In some corners of the globe, it’s best not to expect a sturdy set of threaded rod jack stands joined by chain for cradling the boat when on land. Study this photo, for example, taken today by voyager Barb Radu Sprenger, who is currently voyaging in Tunisia with her husband Con aboard their 51-foot Nauticat 515, Big Sky. Barb and Con just had Big Sky hauled and placed on the hard. Holding up 27 tons of boat is this arrangement of rusted oil drum, wooden blocks and wooden wedges. Seems to work, but for many voyagers, this takes some getting used to!

By Ocean Navigator