Do Dolphins Ever Sleep?

Do Dolphins Ever Sleep?

211 Questions and Answers About Ships, the Sky and the Sea

By Pierre-Yves Bely and Sally Bely

Sheridan House, Dobbs Ferry, NY

294 pages

ISBN 1-57409-240-5

“If an America’s Cup boat and 60-foot Open ocean racer competed against each other, which would win? The answer is, it depends.”
So begins entry No. 140 in the Belys’ compendium of 211 provocative and head-scratching questions and answers about ships, the sky and the sea.
At first glance the title might lead one to think that this is one more novelty book filled with marine trivia. But flip to any page and you will be instantly drawn in by the questions and the clear and well-researched answers accompanied by superb illustrations and photographs. Pierre-Yves and Sally Bely explore the realms of oceanography, marine biology, meteorology, yacht design and history, technology, navigation, and much more. The book is well referenced and provides a comprehensive bibliography for further reading.

Once you pick it up, this is a difficult book to put down as you flip from one fascinating Q&A to another. It clearly has a place in any library as a solid reference work.

By Ocean Navigator