Desjoyeaux leads reduced Vendee Globe fleet

Michel Desjoyeaux has shown no signs of slowing down after taking the lead in the Vendee Globe.  The four leading boats have passed Cape Leeuwin, Australia.


Propositions that Michel Desjoyeaux might somehow ease off on the accelerator now that he has seized the lead of the Vendée Globe seem empty rhetoric. He has taken on the role of the locomotive engine pulling the other competitors along at speed. Roland Jourdain issued a call for reason yesterday, but it has fallen on deaf ears.

The gang of four have now broken away from the chasers with a gap of more than 200 miles developing over Jean Le Cam and Armel Le Cléac’h. Jean-Pierre Dick is heading north-eastwards at 90° from the route in the hope of repairing his starboard rudder. It is going to be a tricky operation, perhaps even with echoes of Yves Parlier’s legendary feat.

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By Ocean Navigator