DeLorme inReach SE Enables Two-Way Satellite Messaging and GPS Tracking for Record-Breaking Bermuda Challenge Winners

Yarmouth, Maine – Aug. 29, 2013 – The DeLorme inReach SE played a pivotal role as an essential satellite communications solution when Chris Fertig and Tyson Garvin achieved their record-breaking run of the Bermuda Challenge last week. inReach SE enabled Fertig and Garvin to communicate their location, speed and heading, along with other pertinent information to multiple recipients via text messages and web sharing.
Fertig and Garvin made the 780 mile run from New York Harbor to Bermuda’s Town Cut Channel Aug. 21 in 15 hours and 48 minutes, shattering the old record of 17 hours and 6 minutes, despite two stops to replace broken propellers. They are now two-time holders of the Bermuda Challenge Record, the only team to garner that honor. The Bermuda Challenge was founded in 1996 by a former Boating magazine Editor-At-Large.

inReach SE connected wirelessly to the boaters’ mobile phones via DeLorme’s free Earthmate app, allowing them to communicate with individuals at their weather routing service and shoreside support teams via text message. In addition, the handheld inReach SE has a remote GPS tracking feature which transmitted the boat’s position coordinates at programmable intervals. This enabled anyone interested to view and follow the vessel’s breadcrumb trail on a web map display via the Boating magazine website.

“inReach enabled us to send and receive text messages during the race in the open ocean where there is no cell phone coverage,” said Fertig. “This allowed us to get up-to-the-minute weather forecasts during the trip through communications with our weather routing service personnel. This information was critical as it allowed us to know the conditions that lay ahead and helped us determine the best speed to travel.”

“Being able to stay in touch with our shoreside support team via inReach was invaluable,” Fertig added. “They were able to follow our trip the entire way and provided us with everything we needed once we made it to Bermuda, including assistance through customs and providing lodging. In addition, the inReach SOS capability gave us and our families peace of mind, knowing that we could summon help whenever we needed it in an emergency.”

inReach SE features a color screen, virtual keyboard, slim design and a long-lasting internal lithium battery. In standalone mode, inReach SE provides free-form texting capabilities of up to 160 characters to any cell phone number, email address or social media page. It is the only satellite communications solution that offers the ability to send and receive text messages in its price category and operates over the Iridium satellite network, providing truly global coverage and low-latency data links of less than 60-second delivery of messages.

“Using DeLorme’s Earthmate App, inReach SE pairs wirelessly with smart mobile devices to access topographic maps and NOAA charts, which can be downloaded via an Internet connection prior to departure and remain available in the Earthmate App even when outside cellular coverage,” said Kim Stiver, vice president of marketing at DeLorme. “Real-time GPS location, tracking and text messages are overlaid on the digital maps for easy navigation and position location.”

Fertig and Garvin began their high-speed voyage in New York City at 7:41 a.m. Aug. 21, roaring into the Atlantic at 70 mph (60 knots). Along the way, they were forced to make two stops to repair broken propellers, but still managed to break the previous Bermuda Challenge record, powering the rest of the way into Bermuda’s Town Cut Channel at 40 mph (35 knots), arriving shortly past midnight (Bermuda time) on Aug. 22.

Suggested retail price for inReach SE is $299, with annual satellite subscription plans starting at $9.95 per month. inReach SE is available at most major retail and online outlets. A list of retailers is available at

About DeLorme:

DeLorme is a longtime leader in innovative mapping and GPS products, and most recently the company has earned numerous prestigious awards for inReach, its groundbreaking integration of GPS navigation and satellite technology. inReach is the world’s only affordable, personal two-way satellite communications solution. The ability to develop all the critical components necessary to compete in these fast-changing technologies distinguishes DeLorme as a provider of unique solutions for both the commercial and government markets. DeLorme is based in Yarmouth, Maine, U.S.A., and is home to Eartha, the world’s largest revolving globe. To learn more, visit

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