DeLorme Announces inReach Explorer, the World’s First Satellite Communicator with Built-In Navigation

inReach Explorer Integrates Route Planning, Waypoints and Navigation with Global Two-Way Text Messaging, GPS Tracking and SOS Alerting – All in One Rugged Handheld Device
Yarmouth, Maine  – DeLorme, the innovation leader in personal satellite communications and navigation technology, has announced the upcoming launch of its newest product, inReach Explorer, incorporating a new range of navigation functions. The latest generation of inReach will be available in stores in early May and builds on DeLorme’s award-winning technology to keep outdoor adventurers, offshore boaters, hunters, aviators, travelers and workers connected wherever they go.
In addition to the messaging, tracking and SOS capabilities, users of the inReach Explorer can view, create or navigate routes and waypoints. An easy-to-follow map view displays routes, waypoints, tracks and messages geo-located onscreen for backtracking or self-rescue. The built-in digital compass, barometric altimeter and accelerometer sensors ensure accuracy and provide heading and bearing information, accurate elevation readings, speed and other useful trip statistics.
The company also recently announced the launch of Freedom subscription plans for all inReach products, allowing users to pay for satellite service only when they need it, on a monthly basis.
“inReach Explorer is the first personal satellite communicator to bring together the power of navigation with truly global SOS alerting, GPS tracking and two-way text messaging in one rugged, waterproof device,” said Michael Heffron, CEO of DeLorme. “For people whose recreational activities or work takes them to remote locations without reliable cellular coverage, inReach Explorer is a single, lightweight device that can help them navigate, communicate and seek help in the event of an emergency.”
Using the company’s online Explore portal, inReach owners can also plan their routes and waypoints ahead of time and share their trip details with family and friends to follow along online with the user’s MapShare page or via social media posts. The dedicated MapShare page provides peace of mind by letting others ping an inReach user’s location between tracking intervals and exchange messages. Tracking intervals can be adjusted from 10 minutes to four hours, with two-minute tracking available to subscribers of the company’s highest level Extreme service plan.
Using DeLorme’s Earthmate App, inReach Explorer also pairs wirelessly with iOS and Android devices to access map data and make text messaging even more convenient. When paired with a mobile device, inReach owners get exclusive, unlimited access to DeLorme’s topographic maps and U.S. NOAA charts, which can be downloaded via an Internet connection prior to departure and remain available in the Earthmate app, even when beyond cellular coverage.
In the event of an emergency, the interactive SOS capability of inReach automatically triggers remote tracking and allows users to communicate via text back and forth with responders at the international 24/7 search-and-rescue monitoring center, ensuring prompt response with the appropriate resources.
inReach communicates over the Iridium satellite network, providing truly global two-way satellite connections, high network reliability and low-latency data links (less than 60-second delivery of messages end-to-end) anywhere on Earth, with no gaps, fringe or weak signal areas. inReach has the ability to maintain a satellite signal lock even in difficult GPS environments, such as in a steep canyon or under a heavy forest canopy.
“inReach Explorer offers tremendously more value when compared to other tracking and emergency satellite communication devices on the market today. Whether it’s used for self-rescue or the convenience of marking a favorite campsite, fishing reef or remote airfield, inReach is like the pocketknife of communication tools,” said Heffron. “Only inReach Explorer offers the combination of two-way communications, 100 percent global satellite coverage, built-in navigation functions, message delivery confirmation, interactive SOS, high-detail track logging and access to DeLorme’s renowned global topographic map data when paired to a mobile device. And when you add in the convenience of DeLorme’s new, affordable, contract-free Freedom Plans, you have an unbeatable combination.”
Suggested retail price for inReach Explorer is $379, with a choice of annual satellite subscriptions or no-contract Freedom plans with only a minimum 30-day commitment. Freedom Plans start at $14.95 per month for the safety service and go up to $99.95 per month for the highest service level. Perfectly suited for the year-round user or for consistent peace of mind, the company’s standard annual contract plans offer a lower monthly cost ranging from $11.95 to $79.95 per month.

inReach Explorer is designed and manufactured in the U.S. and will be available at most major retail and online outlets in early May. A list of retailers is available at
About DeLorme
DeLorme is the innovation leader in personal satellite tracking, messaging and navigation technology. The company’s flagship product, inReach, is the most affordable satellite communicator that sends and receives 160-character text messages, provides GPS journey tracking/sharing with family and friends, and offers interactive SOS capabilities anywhere in the world through the Iridium satellite network. When paired with a mobile device, the seamless inReach experience provides unlimited access to free downloadable topographic maps and U.S. NOAA charts. Founded in 1976 and recognized as a pioneer in mapping products, DeLorme is headquartered in Yarmouth, Maine, and is home to Eartha, the world’s largest revolving globe. To learn more, visit

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