Crushed sunglasses spur a sailor’s invention


Necessity is said to be the mother of invention, but putting an end to wasted money must be at least an uncle. This was the case for Maine sailor Jim Kerney, whose unwitting destruction of several pairs of sunglasses on board his Sabre 402 led him to devise another way to store sundry items in the cockpit. Kerney puts it this way:

“I was tacking through the dicey ledges inside of Sequin Island, Maine. I needed to check the charts quickly before taking a reef: Oakleys off, reading glasses on for the quick GPS check, scurry to the mast to execute the reef, back to the cockpit to grab the helm — and that’s when I felt that familiar unmistakable and expensive crunch of my sunglasses underfoot as I ground them into my deck. Again.”

Kerney’s solution was an item he calls Pedestal Pockets (PedPox), which is a set of mesh pockets that wraps around the classic 4-inch helm station pedestal. It’s designed to secure glasses, hand-held VHFs, rigging knives, sunscreen, smartphones, lip balm, etc. They’re available for purchase at With PedPox, maybe a few pairs of expensive sunglasses will have a chance to survive the boating season.

Courtesy PedPox

By Ocean Navigator