Crew change for the Mars Ocean Odyssey

Seasickness ended Soanya Ahmad’s plan to spend 1,000 days at sea with her companion Reid Stowe aboard his steel-hulled schooner, Anne. Ahmad, a novice sailor was transferred to a motorboat off Perth, Australia last week and is now back home in New York City.

Ahmad and Stowe left New York in April 2007. The couple planned to circumnavigate the southern hemisphere four times, nonstop, and without reprovisioning or visiting any harbor. Ahmad had suffered bouts of seasickness ever since reaching the Southern Ocean. “I feel that two more years of this would not be good for me and I have decided to leave the boat,” she explained in a post on the project’s Web site (

Ahmad met Stowe while photographing Manhattan piers and became involved with the 1,000 Days project.
As mate and photojournalist, Ahmad documented the ambitious voyage with regular postings on the Mars Odyssey Web site.
By Ocean Navigator