Covey Island Boatworks rises from the ashes

Following a devastating fire in August 2008, that destroyed Covey Island Boatworks and Frank Blair’s fusion schooner Maggie B, the Nova Scotia yard and dedicated boat owner are determined to rise from the ashes of the tragedy.

With the Petite Riviere yard gone, John Steele and his crew have moved to a leased facility in nearby Riverport, Nova Scotia, with hopes of eventually locating the yard on the Lunenburg waterfront.

But perhaps the most exciting news for the yard its first new build. Blair is building another Nigel Irens designed fusion schooner. The new boat, M2, will be a bit smaller than Maggie B and with a more modern rig that will feature two un-stayed carbon fiber masts that rotate, a sleeker deckhouse and a profile similar to Maggie B. Below the waterline, M2 will also be similar; shallow draft, low-wetted surface, a slack turn of bilge, and a centerboard. Unlike Maggie B, M2 will forego the short counter stern and have a transom stern to maximize waterline. M2 will also carry a transom hung rudder for the sake of simplicity and ease of maintenance.

Blair said, “Maggie B was purposely built to sail around the world, and she proved herself perfect for the job. The new boat has a different mission. She needs to be a little handier to require less crew.”

By Ocean Navigator