Correcting from compass to true and back again


1. Deviation is 8° W on a heading of 090°. A) What would be the magnetic course if you steered 090° by your compass? B) If variation was 12° E, what would be the true course?

2. The chart indicates that the proper magnetic course is 040°. The deviation at 045° is 11° E. What course should you steer?

3. You are steering 225° on your compass. The deviation there is 8° E. The variation is 22° W. A) What is the magnetic heading? B) The true heading?

4. You determine from a sailing chart that your course should be 125° true. The pilot chart indicates that the variation is 21° W. With no deviation, what course should you steer?

1. A) 082°, B) 094°

2. 029°

3. A) 233°, B) 211°

4. 146°

By Ocean Navigator