Copper-free bottom paint

So many marine companies are “going green” these days. But what if you make paint for boats? Paint designed to prevent fouling by using metals like copper. How do you produce products that are “green”? Well, it seems you can do it. The large marine paint company Interlux has just introduced a bottom paint called Pacifica that contains no copper. Pacifica does release a biocide, but, of course, it is a bottom paint designed to keep your boat’s hull clear of fouling.

From the press release: Interlux has introduced Pacifica, a copper-free antifouling paint that uses a controlled biocide release to combat fouling.

“Pacifica provides an alternative antifouling for boatyards and boat owners looking to reduce copper accumulation,” said Bob Donat, Interlux Vice President of Marketing. The new paint meets the Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) standards set by the California Air Resources Board.

Ideal for use on all underwater fiberglass, wood and metal surfaces (including aluminum), fast-drying Pacifica allows boats to be painted and launched the same day. It is available in clean, crisp, bright colors including blue, black and white and is compatible with most other antifouling paints.

Pacifica will erode away over time, but it is tough enough to hold up to regular cleanings throughout the year. Priced at about $200 a gallon.

By Ocean Navigator