Consulting Time II

Consulting Time II is a Morris 48 owned and skippered by Doug Diehl. CTII reached Croatia in late May 06 and is homeward bound via the Canaries and the Carribbean.

Doug’s post follows:

Greetings all:

I am happy to report that we are underway once again. It is 1700 Med time, Wednesday, Sept 27, 2006. Our position is N39-12, E008-14, course 260M, speed 6.5 Knots, sailing close hauled with a single reefed main in 20-22 kn. We are north of Isola San Pietro. The Mistral is pretty well over but the swells are probably 8′.

The winds are forecast to lessen tonight and veer to the west and then southwest. Our plan is to sail to Porto Colom, Mallorca, a distance of about 230 more miles, arriving sometime Friday morning. On Saturday we will sail around to Palma, Mallorca, a distance of about 41 nm.

We left Carloforte about 1545 after refueling. Carloforte is a very pretty, former fishing town, now oriented toward the Italian tourist industry. We rented bikes yesterday and rode around part of the island. Had some good food, visited their little museum. A hundred years ago, they were trapping 300-400 pound migrating tunas off their island and canning the cooked meat. They also had some Galena and copper ore mines and shipped the ore somewhere in little sailing ships after loading them by basket carried on their shoulders. Tough way to make a living!! Anyhow, we thoroughly enjoyed Carloforte and Isola San Pietro.

The wind is piping up and we may have to go to the second reef in the main.

Bye for now. Doug and crew.

By Ocean Navigator