Compact diesel gen-set saves money and the environment

For boat owners sick of expensive, gas-guzzling generators, there’s a greener alternative for onboard power.  The most efficient, compact and lightweight diesel generator in its class, the eco-friendly UCM1-3.5 from Next Generation Power provides 3,500 watts with an average fuel consumption of less than 2/10 gph.

Unlike gasoline gen-sets, the diesel UCM1-3.5 offers better safety, reliability and fuel economy and emits an extremely low amount of deadly carbon monoxide.  Its advanced self-tensioning belt and rigid engine-to-generator attaching plate enable the state-of-the-art generator to run at a comfortable 2,800 rpm with minimal maintenance.  Operating at mid-speed, the superior unit produces less noise, vibration and wear than other gen-sets in its class that run at 3,600 rpm.
Its heavy-duty 5.0KVA generator end supplies easy starts on even 16,000 BTU air conditioners or pairs of smaller units.  To fit in tight spaces, the unique 7 hp, single-cylinder Kubota engine employs a horizontal design.  Low-profile, the UCM1-3.5 weighs only 200 lbs. with sound enclosure and measures just 30″ L x 18″ W x 16-1/2″ H.
Available with ignition protection for use in gasoline-powered vessels, the powerful Next Gen UCM1-3.5 starts at $5,985 with sound enclosure.
Contact Next Generation Power, 1732 St. Johns Bluff Rd., Jacksonville, FL  32246.  888-463-9879; Fax: 904-642-8175.

By Ocean Navigator