Racers Require Superior Navigation Support
There’s nothing worse than being blown off course during a race, especially due to inferior equipment.  Sailors then waste valuable time and energy trying to head back in the right direction.  ComNav offers a winning and affordable solution.  The innovative G4 and G4B Navigators use state-of-the-art vector sensors to provide precise heading and global positioning. 

 Two antennas mounted independently supply the desired directional accuracy.  With the antennas 6-1/2′ apart, the heavy-duty systems deliver a 2D GPS heading accuracy within 0.1 degree. 
 Incredibly reliable, the G4 and G4B have a differential GPS positioning accuracy of less than 3-1/3′.  Differential choices include SBAS, WAAS, EGNOS and an optional beacon differential.  The unique G4B can employ terrestrial Radio Beacon Signals for DGPS correction.
 The G4 and G4B Navigators from ComNav feature fast heading and positioning output rates up to 10 Hz.  An integrated gyro and tilt sensor provide quick start-up times and ensure heading updates during temporary loss of GPS.

 An integral display and intuitive user interface are installed separately near the operator.  The convenient status lights and menu system make the G4 Series easy to monitor and configure.  Advanced applications can be performed with the user-friendly configuration menu.

With low power consumption, the durable units are CE compliant for EMI and RFI immunity.  It also features a 1-year warranty. 
The suggested retail prices of ComNav’s G4 and G4B Navigators start at $3,260 USD.
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