Colligo Emergency Shroud Kit

MESA, ARIZONA (USA) – Colligo Marine announced today that the Colligo Synthetic Systems™ Emergency Shroud Kit is now available at retailer West Marine and online at

For sailors, a broken shroud isn’t just inconvenient – it signals an expensive emergency repair job, as much as $600 or more, depending on the rigging. Currently, having spare shrouds on board is the solution. But they are large, heavy and over time will rust from the sea air. Underway, the repair can be complex and time-consuming. Carrying enough parts for all of the shrouds and mast/deck connections can also be expensive and take up storage space.

The lightweight, rustproof, reusable Emergency Shroud Kit is an easy to use temporary replacement for broken shrouds or stays up to 50 feet long (up to 1/4 inch wire) – at about half the cost. The kit stores in a small, waterproof, re-sealable plastic bag that can be stowed anywhere on board.

The Colligo Synthetic Systems™ Emergency Shroud Kit contains enough low stretch 7 mm Dynex Dux UHMWPE line (15,000 lb breaking strength) to make a 50 foot shroud or stay in about 15 minutes, with the enclosed splicing instructions. One Line Terminator is pre-spliced while the other included Terminator can be spliced to the length needed. Line Terminators enable each end to be lashed on with the enclosed 20 feet of synthetic lashing line, or pinned to hardware if possible. Chafe guard is included for spreader ends. The kit can replace shrouds or stays up to ¼ inch.

For more information about the Colligo Synthetic Systems™ Emergency Shroud Kit and other Colligo Marine products, visit or call 1+480.703.3675.

By Ocean Navigator