Cold mornings and nasty VAT

From voyager Amanda Glickman in Greece:

It’s getting cold here in Greece. normal mornings inside the boat are 50 degrees F and we got snow on the mountains two days ago. We’re in Preveza with three other voyaging yachts, one of which is selling out and returning (without boat) to San Francisco. They’ve had lots of fun, so it’s back to transitions in life. We’re going through the great debate of if we haul out here in Preveza or we head to Italy to avoid the monstrous tax us foreign yachts are getting hit with here. They’re smacking us with a charge of 420 Euros every six months for a 39-foot Canadian-registered sailboat. We’re VAT paid and they won’t exempt us. Nasty stuff. Because of this, many foreign yachts are heading for Italy or Turkey.

By Ocean Navigator