Coast Guard consolodation

A recent Coast Guard consolidation may have some mariners thinking they have dialed the wrong number. Station NMF in Boston has moved personnel services to CAMSLANT Chesapeake (NMN) in an effort to save further on an already-slim budget.

Although communication equipment will stay in Boston, calls are now being received by the Chesapeake station. “Mariners may be initially confused to hear station Chesapeake answer their calls to Boston,” explained CWO Gary Snodgrass of the Atlantic Area Telecom. facility. “The system is working well and there won’t be any change in service.”

New Orleans station NMG, which overlaps service to parts of the East Coast with Chesapeake, will transfer personnel service to Chesapeake in 1998; Honolulu station NMO and Kodiak station NOJ will both consolidate personnel to CAMSPAC Pt. Reyes, Calif., (NMC) in 1997 and 1999, respectively.

By Ocean Navigator