Close to the end of the Vendee Globe

As Samantha Davies aboard Roxy nears the end of the Vendee Globe Race she lists some of the things about the race that she’ll miss and some of the things she won’t miss about racing around the world alone.

From the press release: “Well, now there is less than a week to go to the finish, I am starting to get excited! However, there are a lot of things I will miss about my Vendée voyage aboard Roxy.

Things I will miss:
– Sunsets and sunrises
– Peace and quiet (no mobile phone)
– Private “Ipod karaoke” moments
– Being able to eat chocolate whenever I want
– The vacation radio
– The dolphins
– Not having to brush my hair every day
– The stars and the moon

Things I won’t miss:
– The infamous “bucket”
– Bailing out bilges
– Stacking

Things I’m looking forward to:
– My “cheri”
– My cats
– Fresh fruit
– A cold beer
– A hot shower
– Drinking tea out of a real mug (with a handle)

By Ocean Navigator