Clean screens?

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The widespread use of smartphones and tablets on boats raises plenty of questions about apps (see our upcoming issue for a survey of favorite apps used by a selection of live aboard voyagers), battery re-charging, waterproofing and other issues. Since these units all have screens designed to be touched there is another aspect to using a smartphone or tablet: dirty screens. All that swiping and pinching and dragging can leave things a little greasy at times. For a voyaging boat in warm weather areas, can that lead to bacterial growth? 

According to a company with a screen cleaning product called WHOOSH, it can. WHOOSH! claims you can experience bacterial growth on your screen if you don't clean it properly. The company says its Screen Shine product will eliminate not only dirt and grime, but kill nasty bacteria, too. And the product reportedly leaves a "nano-film that repels dust and fingerprints" behind after you wipe it with the included antimicrobial cloth. 

This is just one of many products available for cleaning screens (the tech site CNET also has a recipe for making your own screen cleaning solution).

How do you keep the screens on your boat clean?

By Ocean Navigator