Class B AIS Update: RadarPlus AIS-BX Approved and Available

Port Ludlow, WA, October 16, 2008 Shine Micro has received FCC approval of the RadarPlus® AIS-BX Class B AIS transponder, which is now available for shipment to U.S. customers with full transmit and receive capability. The U.S. boating community has been anxiously awaiting FCC approval since 2006, when the standard was adopted by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Earlier this year, Shine Micro released the RadarPlus® AIS-BX Class B AIS to U.S. customers with Receive-Only functionality; to be optionally upgraded to full transmit capability when the FCC granted approval. At long last, Class B AIS is available to boaters in U.S. waters too. AIS is an internationally accepted navigation aid system, that also assists in route planning, asset tracking, and enhances Marine Domain Awareness (MDA). AIS data is instrumental in search and rescue, vessel traffic management, environmental protection, port security, and more. Class B AIS devices provide a lower cost alternative to Class A devices, to encourage the voluntary adoption of these powerful safety aids. The FCC announced approval of all IEC compliant Class B AIS devices, with the following additional requirements: 
1. Entering incorrect static data into a Class B AIS device is prohibited by US Law.
2. Static data must be entered by the vendor or professional installer.
3. A conspicuous label stating the above requirements must be adhered to the unit, and appropriate language included in the user manual. 
Shine Micro can issue an MMSI number at no charge to customers, and pre-program all static data; complying with the requirements above and allowing customers a “plug-and-play” installation. The static data can be provided to Shine Micro via three (3) easy methods: 
1. Online Form found at
2. PDF Form provided via email
3. Phone Support at 360.437.2503
4. Monday – Friday, 8am to 5pm, PST 
For further information about AIS, or to purchase online, please visit 
By Ocean Navigator