Chuck Paine retires

After more than 30 years designing sail and power yachts, Chuck Paine has retired. While Paine’s accomplishments in naval architecture are many, his true legacy lies in his classic offshore voyaging designs. Over the decades his collaboration with some of the world’s best yacht builders have given us fast and able voyaging boats whose design concepts have stood the test of time.

Paine has written a book that chronicles his career and designs (the book will be available this spring). He also is pursuing his other passion, painting.

Meanwhile, Paine’s two long-time employees, Mark Fitzgerald and Ed Joy, have struck out on their own. Paine’s senior designer, Fitzgerald, has taken over the majority of Paine’s design assets, intellectual property and the rights to build from existing plans. Fitzgerald’s new company, Fitzgerald Marine Architecture Inc. ( based in Camden, Maine, will continue to serve discriminating buyers in their endeavors to build new classics, power and sail.

Joy has also established himself in Camden, Maine, and is the principal at Ed Joy Design (

Does Paine have any parting words? “I stand by ready to consult with my former employees should the need arise. Who knows, should the economy rebound and my heart get some much needed rest you may find me once again at my drawing board. For now, I thank you for an intriguing career and wish all of you who aspire to launch new yachts the very best.”

By Ocean Navigator