Chafe-Pro Deck Protector Unit

Graham, NC – July 22, 2009 — FJORD, Inc. manufacturer of the popular and patented series Chafe-Pro(R) anti-chafe protection units for mooring and towing lines, has just added a new item to their current product line: Deck-Pro.  Deck-Pro has been designed to answer the need for protecting decks from anchor-chain and stock scarring as well as to help reduce the noise made by the chain hitting the deck while in a bumpy seaway.

The outer jacket of the unit is made from FJORD Inc.’s ballistic nylon weave that is used in all of their commercial units with a layer of marine grade polyester on the inside to help cushion the impact of the chain on the deck.
Deck-Pro may be purchased directly from FJORD, Inc. or through their world-wide network of distributors.  Deck-Pro is manufactured in standard widths and lengths.  Custom units can be made to clients’ specifications.
For more information on FJORD, Inc.’s product line and listing of distributors visit online at 
By Ocean Navigator