Celestial opportunity for Bermuda race

The biennial race to Bermuda from Marion, Mass., whichwill be held next in June 1999, offers the chance for ocean sailors of all backgrounds aboard a variety of boats the chance to enjoy open-ocean racing.

Still promoting a concept of egalitarian racing for non-hard-core racers, the race committee stresses that doing well in the race is not a matter of hardware. "We continue to try to prevent people from purchasing a winning ticket," said Race Chairman Charlie Bascom. And that is why satellite weather information and spinnakers are not allowed. The Marion-Bermuda Race is the only American race that incorporates celestial navigation as part of the program. The race committee recently established two classes, Celestial and Electronic, so that boat crews could choose a method of navigation.

For the next Marion-Bermuda Race, Ocean Navigator will serve as a clearinghouse for celestial navigators to help skippers find skilled crew and to help navigators find boats. Anyone with celestial experience interested in joining a boatnavigators typically don’t stand a watch like other lackeysshould send a one-page sailing résumé to Ocean Navigator, PO Box 569, Portland, Maine 04112, attention: Zubenelgenubi. Skippers looking for a navigator should send a postcard that includes a return address and a brief description of the boat.

By Ocean Navigator