Celestial fanatic creates own sextant

Inspired by discussion of alternative sextants in these pages (Issue No. 84, Sept/Oct, 1997), a West Coast navigator rifled through his on-board storage lockers to see what random equipment could be turned into a crude sextant.

The result, a device fashioned from a tiller extension, a pair of calipers, and some exposed 35-mm film, allowed Greg Rudzinski of Oxnard, Calif., to reduce sights of the sun within four miles of his position. He writes:

“I had an opportunity to use the caliper “sextant” from the Pacific shore at 34 deg; 10′ N, 119 deg; 14′ W. Sights were taken of the sun at whole degrees of elevation starting with 6 deg; and finishing with 12 deg;. A Tamaya NC-88 was used for sight reduction. There was a 13.5-mile spread between seven sun observations. By applying a personal error of -11′ of arc and throwing out the high and low observation, a four-mile (plus or minus) accuracy was obtained.”

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By Ocean Navigator